Shift Espresso Bar-feature

Shift Espresso Bar – Custom Characters

I love coffee. And I love drawing characters.

So when tasked with the opportunity to create a series of new characters for a cool new spot in my hood РShift Espresso Bar РI naturally grabbed it with both caffeine-charged hands. It was great to work with Luigi (co-owner) on this as his feedback was always constructive and relevant.  I feel that the result really grinds down (sic) to the essential personas depicted.

I’ve tasted all three varieties and I have to say that The White Wolf seems to resonate with me the most.

If you’re in Cape Town, more specifically the Green Point area, you should pop in and try one of their specialty brews.¬†Free Wifi + great aesthestic + great coffee at very decent prices. A laid-back cafe to meet up with friends or make new ones. One cup might be enough, but I prefer a minimum of two.