ReImagine – Infographic

ReImagine – an infographic depicting a simple overview of theshinjukueffect approach to transmutation.


I was afforded a wonderful opportunity with a previous company that I worked at – John Brown Media SA – to gain knowledge and tuition from another awesome institution as part of their up-skilling component within the business. I opted for some insight and training with the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy.

Headed by its two charismatic, highly intelligent and passionate personalities Dave Duarte and Max Kaizen – I knew it would be special. One aspect of the course involved creating something that could be digitally shared and preferably something that could be used to teach another.

I love sharing knowledge that in turn could possibly create new mental connections to the internal dialogue and the external world.

I have often been asked how I go about conceptualising my ideas or approach things with such familiarity, even when dealing with new subject matter. So I decided to share my one of my mental processes by means of the infographic below. (click on the image to view it larger in a new tab)

ReImagine Infographic - theshinjukueffect


I’m pretty stoked with the end product and the results of a week’s worth of sharing (nothing super viral, but sufficient and relevant gains across platforms were acquired thus achieving my own goals successfully).

It’s quite literally and visually a snapshot of one of the imaginative models that I use. I hope that it sparks new ideas within your own mind to create great things. Most importantly to have fun whilst doing it.

It was made to be shared, so please do so if you feel like inspiring someone else.