Neo African Goddess – Limited Release

I was sitting listening to some Fela Kuti whilst having a cup of  Cafe Najjar when I started sketching this Neo African Goddess in my notebook. The flavours and sounds were infusing my creative flow with a quiet calm, but the sort of calm that comes just before a storm. I knew she needed to be redrawn and reproduced only a handful of times.

6 reproductions. Belonging to a range of individuals.

  • an ex-Girlfriend
  • an art-collecting, blue-chip company Chairman
  • a secretive Saudi Prince
  • one of my oldest friends and my Godson’s father

The final two reproductions are available for sale, at either A2 or A0 sizes. She brings light and hope into the homes and offices that she inhabits (so I’ve been told) – even having been referred to as a lucky talisman. I put goodwill, love and passion into creating her image and being the Neo African Goddess that she is – she reflects and resonates all of that positivity and intention.

If you’d like to secure one of the last two available canvas prints, drop me an email before its too late.


A little sample of the inspirational music from the genius Fela Kuti…