A Connected Africa - Mxit Mural

Mxit Mural – 250+ square meters and 80 cans later.

This definitely goes into the book for one of my favourite mural memories in a collaborative experience so far.

I was commissioned to paint a mural for the new Mxit offices – one of the largest mobile networking companies in Africa. 250+ square meters of wall space and a fair degree of freedom of concept. This was to be one of the largest pieces that I had undertaken at the time and with it came a host of obvious and not so obvious challenges. Together with a fellow creative – Ryan Jarvis – and a fair of amount of spray paint, we undertook to add some artwork to the walls and pillars of the offices in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Duration for mural execution: 40hours

I knew it would be tight, but I didn’t quite foresee how physically strenuous painting this mural would become. Due to the heights of the walls, a lot (a lot) of time was spent in squat-like positions. A full-body daily workout with squats in excess of 700+ per session. Working at night to avoid the chaos and audio assault of construction work being undertaken, we muscled through on fumes, painkillers, Monster Energy Drinks, loud music and stupid rants of maniacal laughter.

Ryan, you were a trooper amigo. Would hit up scale projects with you anytime. In fact, lemme go and setup a couple soon…