Life Is Beautiful – you just need to open your 3rd eye.

Life is Beautiful.

It is a gift to be celebrated, with all it’s complexities, colours, flavours and tastes. Inspired by the season of summer and the sonic colourscapes of Cape Town.
My home away from home.

I drew my inspiration from the Peacock, the ocean and some of the indigenous fynbos that we are lucky to have here in Western Cape. Seriously, it doesn’t grow anywhere else on the planet.

Not my usual colour palette but trying something different and new is what it’s all about. I’m getting amped about some large works in the pipeline and with the summer coming up, you can only imagine the happiness I’m feeling for creation. I can see this working for a bunch of clients out there as an installation piece (so, holla if ya hear me :).
Could work for *insert client* here….

– Shinji