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Desktops_DarkAngel - 1920x1080
Every once in a while – more frequently than not –
I make desktops. Random acts of creativity.
Bursts of thoughts extracted from the Morphic Resonance reservoir.
Made with love – made to share.

I’ll try to update this post at least every two weeks, so please bookmark it or visit regularly to get your fix.

Desktops_Drako - 1920x1080
Drako – Inspired by the local graffiti legend, Falko Starr.
Desktops_DigitalLover - 1920x1080
Digital Lover – Done during a lunch break at the John Brown SA offices.
Desktops_Dragone - 1920x1080
“Why does time Dragon?” – When staring into the future, remember to stay present.
Desktops_PrayState - 1920x1080
PrayState – Meditation is merely a means to reconnect with the almighty source of all things. A way for us humans to drown out the noise and ego to re-affirm certain fundamental truths that exist.