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Take two highly creative individuals in their respective fields, toss them into a think tank and let their talents compliment each other.
Enter Shinomi – a creative collaboration between myself, Shinji Akhirah and Nomi Handmade.


Nomi Handmade (view her Etsy shop here) is a designer that specializes in creating beautiful objects and jewellery using traditional South African Shweshwe prints. Her work is meticulously detailed, yet elegantly simple and expressive. Her passion for her craft is only rivaled by her love for words and wine (not in that particular order ūüôā I’m ecstatic to be collaborating with her on our side project entitled “Shinomi”.

Shinomi means …

  • To surpass
  • To outdo
  • To endure

We’ll be exploring various avenues in our design application, from textile through to digital and perhaps even the virtual.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be involved with this venture.

Shift Espresso Bar – Custom Characters

I love coffee. And I love drawing characters.

So when tasked with the opportunity to create a series of new characters for a cool new spot in my hood РShift Espresso Bar РI naturally grabbed it with both caffeine-charged hands. It was great to work with Luigi (co-owner) on this as his feedback was always constructive and relevant.  I feel that the result really grinds down (sic) to the essential personas depicted.

I’ve tasted all three varieties and I have to say that The White Wolf seems to resonate with me the most.

If you’re in Cape Town, more specifically the Green Point area, you should pop in and try one of their specialty brews.¬†Free Wifi + great aesthestic + great coffee at very decent prices. A laid-back cafe to meet up with friends or make new ones. One cup might be enough, but I prefer a minimum of two.


Design Indaba 2014 – Innovation Trophy Design

2014 has been an interesting year for me both in the Design and personal sphere.

I was approached by Design Indaba to collaborate in designing a trophy for one of their awards – The Innovation Award. This involved creating the initial concept, 3D pre-visualisation and preparing the appropriate STL (stereo-lithographic) files to be utilised by the printer. Since hearing about the advent of 3D-printing, I’ve always been keen on realising a virtual design. The future is literally at your fingertips with technology.

After a few sketches, I settled on a fairly complex design – you have to push yourself somewhat, even in a first attempt, no? ūüôā I utilised the imagery of a light bulb that encases a grid-based globe, as it’s symbolism is intricately intertwined within the idea of innovation and creative sparks. The model was printed in 2 phases and assembled afterwards. I’m pretty stoked with¬†the result – I hope the recipient appreciated it as well.


Stretch Inc – Logo Design

I was recently approached by a successful start-up events rigging company to assist in a logo design for corporate communications.

A meeting was scheduled with Dan Meyer – Director of Stretch Inc
in order for me to ascertain the “human” element to the business model.¬†This is usually a big go-to for me as it assists in helping to effectively and harmoniously recreate the intended vision and passion.¬†It would also be translated onto the commercial transport vehicles and various social networks.


Stretch Incorporated Logo Design
Stretch Inc Logo Design


The Magic of Larry Soffer

The Magic of Larry Soffer is a talented enigma and if you do get to see one of his performances, you won’t be disappointed.

One of South Africa’s most talented individuals. I’ve known him for many years and have assisted in creatively directing a large degree of his¬†audio/visual presentations and shows until 2012. I feel a great sense of pride knowing that, together with the excellent guidance and vision of Gabriela, we had assisted in helping him progress from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition and everything in-between. I wish him the best on his new life chapter.

LarrySoffer-SplashPage TMOLS_CarDecal2012 TheMentalist_LarrySofferPosterClock-LarrySofferMind-Over-Matter---TMOLS-PosterCanvas-LarrySoffer

ReImagine – Infographic

ReImagine – an infographic depicting a simple overview of theshinjukueffect approach to transmutation.


I was afforded a wonderful opportunity with a previous company that I worked at – John Brown Media SA – to gain knowledge and tuition from another awesome institution as part of their up-skilling component within the business. I opted for some insight and training with the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy.

Headed by its two charismatic, highly intelligent and passionate personalities Dave Duarte and Max Kaizen – I knew it would be special. One aspect of the course involved creating something that could be digitally shared and preferably something that could be used to teach another.

I love sharing knowledge that in turn could possibly create new mental connections to the internal dialogue and the external world.

I have often been asked how I go about conceptualising my ideas or approach things with such familiarity, even when dealing with new subject matter. So I decided to share my one of my mental processes by means of the infographic below. (click on the image to view it larger in a new tab)

ReImagine Infographic - theshinjukueffect


I’m pretty stoked with the end product and the results of a week’s worth of sharing (nothing super viral, but sufficient and relevant gains across platforms were acquired thus achieving my own goals successfully).

It’s quite literally and visually a snapshot of one of the imaginative models that¬†I use. I hope that it sparks new ideas within your own mind to create great things. Most importantly to have fun whilst doing it.

It was made to be shared, so please do so if you feel like inspiring someone else.

White Nite – Logo Design

DJ/Producer White Nite required some logo work.

  • He’s a longtime hombre` and fucking rad selector.
  • I’m good with concepts and my tools.
  • So it seemed like a good mix.

I took the challenge and considering the local trend of jacking celeb names (yes, you Ryan Gosling) the outcome seemed relevant and fitting. Mash-up streetstyle with top-quality production savvy/satire and you get this.

White Nite Logo

White Nite Stickers for LP

A lil logo loop for some of his live gigs – (no sound, obviously).

Get a taste of White Nite beats and mixes here.

Classical Distortions Artwork

I’m passionate about education and¬†being able to utilise my skill-set to assist a good cause, so when I was approached by Organik Media and DJ PsyGuy to create artwork for an experimental non-profit based endeavor – Classical Distortions – I was both honored and excited. All proceeds from the sales of the album are¬†donated¬†to Equal Education – an initiative that helps to repair South Africa’s poorest schools.¬†



The¬†artists involved – both of local and international acclaim¬†– donated their time to this novel idea. The music –¬†an electronic reconstruction and interpretation of Classical pieces with a trance/breakbeat flavour. The tracklist is as follows…

  1. E’naxx (Intro) -TICKETS
  3. The Wreckoning –¬†EMP
  4. Blackout –¬†DELIRIANT
  5. Toy with your mind –¬†ZION LINGUIST
  6. My first chemistry set (Cybernetix rmx) –¬†CHEMOGEN
  7. Toccota Infuzued –¬†PARANA
  8. Know what i mean –¬†SOLAR AXIS
  9. The Dream –¬†ON
  10. The Runner –¬†ARTIFAKT

Show your support for this positive initiative by purchasing your copy of Classical Distortions here.

We Build Each Other Up – Limited Print

¬†I’m from South Africa.¬†Cape Town specifically. And Cape Town likes to build.

A place where we celebrate colour, diversity and at least in my personal capacity – we want to build each other up. Creatively, inspirationally and intellectually. Cut the fat from the bone, optimise and uplift.

With that ethos and inspiration, I created this pop-art styled piece. Those are my hands as they form to resemble a sprouting tree using each iteration and extension of its digits as branches. It’s available as a limited canvas print from A0 down to A2 with a run of 10.

We Build Each Other Up

“We can only grow together – We build each other up”.

Until my shopping system for prints gets implemented (currently in beta), you’re welcome to email me¬†for pricing and any further information.


ETC Crew – What’s In A Name

Local Hip Hop cohorts¬†– ETC Crew – asked a fellow true Hip Hop¬†artist (yours truly) to design the¬†album artwork¬†and a poster for in-store merchandising for their debut EP release under the African Dope label –¬†What’s In A Name¬†.

The beats are raw, jazzy with playful and intelligent raps, these cats know how to have fun and drop some knowledge on ya.¬†Peep the video for “Jozi Oaks” after the jump.