Design Indaba 2014 – Innovation Trophy Design

2014 has been an interesting year for me both in the Design and personal sphere.

I was approached by Design Indaba to collaborate in designing a trophy for one of their awards – The Innovation Award. This involved creating the initial concept, 3D pre-visualisation and preparing the appropriate STL (stereo-lithographic) files to be utilised by the printer. Since hearing about the advent of 3D-printing, I’ve always been keen on realising a virtual design. The future is literally at your fingertips with technology.

After a few sketches, I settled on a fairly complex design – you have to push yourself somewhat, even in a first attempt, no? ­čÖé I utilised the imagery of a light bulb that encases a grid-based globe, as it’s symbolism is intricately intertwined within the idea of innovation and creative sparks. The model was printed in 2 phases and assembled afterwards. I’m pretty stoked with┬áthe result – I hope the recipient appreciated it as well.