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Take two highly creative individuals in their respective fields, toss them into a think tank and let their talents compliment each other.
Enter Shinomi – a creative collaboration between myself, Shinji Akhirah and Nomi Handmade.


Nomi Handmade (view her Etsy shop here) is a designer that specializes in creating beautiful objects and jewellery using traditional South African Shweshwe prints. Her work is meticulously detailed, yet elegantly simple and expressive. Her passion for her craft is only rivaled by her love for words and wine (not in that particular order 🙂 I’m ecstatic to be collaborating with her on our side project entitled “Shinomi”.

Shinomi means …

  • To surpass
  • To outdo
  • To endure

We’ll be exploring various avenues in our design application, from textile through to digital and perhaps even the virtual.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be involved with this venture.

Red Dawn – a series inspired by a Japanese palette

I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese style – in both its complex and simple forms. The fluidity with which they approach technology and design often feels like something natural yet mechanical.

With that interest at heart..

Red Dawn was born.

The images below belong to a series of six and is available for print reproduction at A0 (down to A2) as a giclee canvas print.
It can either be supplied box-mounted or unmounted. I’ll be doing them as a single run – yes only 6 will be available worldwide, ever!
I’ll be posting the remaining 3 images in the near future.
You can either grab the whole lot (for the collector’s out there) or an individual version.

For pricing, contact me via email with your sizing and artwork request number as listed below.







Life Is Beautiful – you just need to open your 3rd eye.

Life is Beautiful.

It is a gift to be celebrated, with all it’s complexities, colours, flavours and tastes. Inspired by the season of summer and the sonic colourscapes of Cape Town.
My home away from home.

I drew my inspiration from the Peacock, the ocean and some of the indigenous fynbos that we are lucky to have here in Western Cape. Seriously, it doesn’t grow anywhere else on the planet.

Not my usual colour palette but trying something different and new is what it’s all about. I’m getting amped about some large works in the pipeline and with the summer coming up, you can only imagine the happiness I’m feeling for creation. I can see this working for a bunch of clients out there as an installation piece (so, holla if ya hear me :).
Could work for *insert client* here….

– Shinji



The Magic of Larry Soffer

The Magic of Larry Soffer is a talented enigma and if you do get to see one of his performances, you won’t be disappointed.

One of South Africa’s most talented individuals. I’ve known him for many years and have assisted in creatively directing a large degree of his audio/visual presentations and shows until 2012. I feel a great sense of pride knowing that, together with the excellent guidance and vision of Gabriela, we had assisted in helping him progress from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition and everything in-between. I wish him the best on his new life chapter.

LarrySoffer-SplashPage TMOLS_CarDecal2012 TheMentalist_LarrySofferPosterClock-LarrySofferMind-Over-Matter---TMOLS-PosterCanvas-LarrySoffer

ReImagine – Infographic

ReImagine – an infographic depicting a simple overview of theshinjukueffect approach to transmutation.


I was afforded a wonderful opportunity with a previous company that I worked at – John Brown Media SA – to gain knowledge and tuition from another awesome institution as part of their up-skilling component within the business. I opted for some insight and training with the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy.

Headed by its two charismatic, highly intelligent and passionate personalities Dave Duarte and Max Kaizen – I knew it would be special. One aspect of the course involved creating something that could be digitally shared and preferably something that could be used to teach another.

I love sharing knowledge that in turn could possibly create new mental connections to the internal dialogue and the external world.

I have often been asked how I go about conceptualising my ideas or approach things with such familiarity, even when dealing with new subject matter. So I decided to share my one of my mental processes by means of the infographic below. (click on the image to view it larger in a new tab)

ReImagine Infographic - theshinjukueffect


I’m pretty stoked with the end product and the results of a week’s worth of sharing (nothing super viral, but sufficient and relevant gains across platforms were acquired thus achieving my own goals successfully).

It’s quite literally and visually a snapshot of one of the imaginative models that I use. I hope that it sparks new ideas within your own mind to create great things. Most importantly to have fun whilst doing it.

It was made to be shared, so please do so if you feel like inspiring someone else.

Cape Town – We Love You

Cape Town - We Love You

Cape Town – We Love You.

This is a sentiment I often hear uttered from the lips of the many diverse people that visit or live in my beautiful city.  It is embedded with flow both at natural and social levels. We’re a globally connected upgraded fishing village with some seriously gorgeous landmarks. We’ve got a floral kingdom that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. We are flanked by two temperamental oceans that collide and give birth to a dynamic and varied species of aquatic life.

This city is vibrant, busy and scaling like you won’t believe. Everyone loves Cape Town – for a multitude of reasons known and unknown.
It’s a nexus of contradictions, intellectual contrasts and disproportionate wealth. Yet it has the allure of that sweet nectar.
That feeling that puts you at ease and creates anxiety at the same time. It’s your favourite piece of music played by 30 talented musos all playing on their own timelines. It’s jazz in its syncopation, yet pop in it’s manifestation. It’s trying to emulate New York as investors and city-planners seem to transplant ideas from foreign interests onto local streets. Sometimes unaware or without care of the possible ramifications of such a progression. Everything is possible here, if you’re in the Loop…or more recently the Bree.

Cape Town – We Love You.
Don’t try being something that you’re not.
You know better.

Neo African Goddess – Limited Release

I was sitting listening to some Fela Kuti whilst having a cup of  Cafe Najjar when I started sketching this Neo African Goddess in my notebook. The flavours and sounds were infusing my creative flow with a quiet calm, but the sort of calm that comes just before a storm. I knew she needed to be redrawn and reproduced only a handful of times.

6 reproductions. Belonging to a range of individuals.

  • an ex-Girlfriend
  • an art-collecting, blue-chip company Chairman
  • a secretive Saudi Prince
  • one of my oldest friends and my Godson’s father

The final two reproductions are available for sale, at either A2 or A0 sizes. She brings light and hope into the homes and offices that she inhabits (so I’ve been told) – even having been referred to as a lucky talisman. I put goodwill, love and passion into creating her image and being the Neo African Goddess that she is – she reflects and resonates all of that positivity and intention.

If you’d like to secure one of the last two available canvas prints, drop me an email before its too late.


A little sample of the inspirational music from the genius Fela Kuti…

Katherine – the cat burglar

I was sitting around watching The Dark Knight one day, sketching whilst enjoying a cup of coffee (you’ll notice that this might be somewhat of a trend) whilst thinking of a special someone.

And with that, Katherine was born.

The illustration is inspired by the archetypical Catwoman image but with an innocent girlish twist. I’ve included a bit of the process in the accompanying images.

Mediums used: Pencil, Ink and shaded digitally.

Katherine - initial inking after pencilKatherine - fully inkedKatherine - digital shading added

Desktops by theshinjukueffect- free downloads.

Download these free desktops from theshinjukueffect.

Right click to save the file to your device.

Desktops_DarkAngel - 1920x1080
Every once in a while – more frequently than not –
I make desktops. Random acts of creativity.
Bursts of thoughts extracted from the Morphic Resonance reservoir.
Made with love – made to share.

I’ll try to update this post at least every two weeks, so please bookmark it or visit regularly to get your fix.

Desktops_Drako - 1920x1080
Drako – Inspired by the local graffiti legend, Falko Starr.
Desktops_DigitalLover - 1920x1080
Digital Lover – Done during a lunch break at the John Brown SA offices.
Desktops_Dragone - 1920x1080
“Why does time Dragon?” – When staring into the future, remember to stay present.
Desktops_PrayState - 1920x1080
PrayState – Meditation is merely a means to reconnect with the almighty source of all things. A way for us humans to drown out the noise and ego to re-affirm certain fundamental truths that exist.