Cindy and Travis - Illustration (feature)

Cindy & Travis – Illustration


Every so often I get a request from my friends for commissioned work. I love that they value my input and art that they wish to support it with payment (lol). Seriously though, it’s both an honour and a privilege to be able to do work for my friends. This time round it’s an illustration to be printed at A1. It was commissioned for a birthday gift that also happened to coincide with an anniversary of sorts.

Cindy and Travis - Illustration

What a blessing.

These two individuals are awesome, do amazing things for those less fortunate and have incredible energy. The inspiration for the illustration came from a photograph of a moment that they shared on the river banks at a weekend getaway.

Thank you guys for letting me co-create a small part of your story and I look forward to many more moments shared with you.
One love.