A two-fold entity comprising of an audio and graphic division.
It is governed by an individual named Shinji Akhirah –
the etymology of the namesake deriving from Japanese and Arabic descent.

About photo - Shinji Akhirah
Photo courtesy – Sweetman Photography

I’m a multi-talented artist that works across the disciplines of IllustrationGraphic Design, Murals, Audio Production, Wordsmithery, Animation and occasionally Photography. My ability to seamlessly move between the fields can be attributed to a ‘blurred reality’ principle – They are all intertwined aspects of expression, so they inherently must exist within all space at the same time. Whether it’s a start-up, small business or large corporation – all are treated with the same professionalism, skill and experience that I have accumulated through the years.

Some of my previous work include clients…

  • Design Indaba 2014 – 3D Printed Trophy Design
  • The Bookmarks 2014 – Mashlab | 5fm | AKA | Arno Carstens
  • Larry Soffer (Mentalist) – Animation, Sound & Graphic Design
  • Mxit Lifestyle – 250sqm office mural
  • Parmalat SA – Prop up Event Banner for Steri-Stumpie
  • Edgars Club – Animation. Editing and Digital Design
  • Billabong Pro – Identity stings
  • Red Bull (Streetstyle) – Animation
  • ETC Crew – EP Album Artwork
  • SA Fashion Week 2007 – Animation stings & Theme Audio Track
  • Top Billing – Laser Cut Lightbox Design collab with Aidan Bennets
  • Creative Commons SA – TShirt design for WikiPedia Salon
  • The Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy
  • Hiro Yamagata & EWFA – Design and Documentation
  • LAL Schools : Cape Town – Mural
  • Microsoft Windows 7 – Audio Track for Product Release (1 of 1000)
  • La Prarie – 360 degree projection – Gearhouse & Silver Bullet Productions
  • Taxi Violence – Music Video
  • Cape Gourmet Festival 2001– Mural

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