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Red Dawn – a series inspired by a Japanese palette

I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese style – in both its complex and simple forms. The fluidity with which they approach technology and design often feels like something natural yet mechanical.

With that interest at heart..

Red Dawn was born.

The images below belong to a series of six and is available for print reproduction at A0 (down to A2) as a giclee canvas print.
It can either be supplied box-mounted or unmounted. I’ll be doing them as a single run – yes only 6 will be available worldwide, ever!
I’ll be posting the remaining 3 images in the near future.
You can either grab the whole lot (for the collector’s out there) or an individual version.

For pricing, contact me via email with your sizing and artwork request number as listed below.







Design Indaba 2014 – Innovation Trophy Design

2014 has been an interesting year for me both in the Design and personal sphere.

I was approached by Design Indaba to collaborate in designing a trophy for one of their awards – The Innovation Award. This involved creating the initial concept, 3D pre-visualisation and preparing the appropriate STL (stereo-lithographic) files to be utilised by the printer. Since hearing about the advent of 3D-printing, I’ve always been keen on realising a virtual design. The future is literally at your fingertips with technology.

After a few sketches, I settled on a fairly complex design – you have to push yourself somewhat, even in a first attempt, no? 🙂 I utilised the imagery of a light bulb that encases a grid-based globe, as it’s symbolism is intricately intertwined within the idea of innovation and creative sparks. The model was printed in 2 phases and assembled afterwards. I’m pretty stoked with the result – I hope the recipient appreciated it as well.


The Magic of Larry Soffer

The Magic of Larry Soffer is a talented enigma and if you do get to see one of his performances, you won’t be disappointed.

One of South Africa’s most talented individuals. I’ve known him for many years and have assisted in creatively directing a large degree of his audio/visual presentations and shows until 2012. I feel a great sense of pride knowing that, together with the excellent guidance and vision of Gabriela, we had assisted in helping him progress from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition and everything in-between. I wish him the best on his new life chapter.

LarrySoffer-SplashPage TMOLS_CarDecal2012 TheMentalist_LarrySofferPosterClock-LarrySofferMind-Over-Matter---TMOLS-PosterCanvas-LarrySoffer

Digital Headphones

I spend a lot of time listening to music, often inside headphones. I also spend a fair amount of time in front of a screen, in applications that use grids and perspective. So one late night some time ago, I rendered these digital headphones.

To date it’s been viewed over

  • 7000 times across 4 continents (stoked)
  • used in a bunch of online articles
  • and received love across the globe.

Not a bad result for 30min of work/play.